Q – Can I add sides to my Stretch Tent?

Yes – You can have all side down with just an entrance, or some down and some up. We can add and remove Stretch Screens in minutes to close you in from unexpected weather changes. The sides of our Stretch tents can also be ‘weighted’ down to seal you in completely.

Q – How are Stretch Tents attached to buildings?

Having carefully appraised your building and with your consent, we insert small fixing bolts with eyelets for attaching the tent or ropes. We can either leave these in situ for future use or remove and make good when dismantling the tent.

Q – What colours do they come in?

Our Stretch tents come in White, Stone or Grey, all of which will look stunning.

Q – Are your site viewings free and without obligation?

The primary reason for our site viewings is to make sure we can match your aspirations and of course are completely free of charge and without any obligation.

Q -Where are you based and what areas do you cover?

We are based in Tring (Herts) and Henley on Thames (Oxon) and we travel everywhere to put up our tents.

Q – How long can I hire the Stretch Tent for?

Our standard hire period is 3 days. However, if you would like us to assemble the tent on a Thursday (leaving you time to theme or dress the tent on a Friday) then just ask, we won’t charge any extra. If you would like the tent for a week or even a month just ask, though this will incur a further charge.

Q – How long does it take to put up?

This really depends on the complexity of the build. If we are building on a flat lawn then we can be in and out within a few hours. If however we need to attach to buildings or trees, go over streams or bushes then it may take an extra hour or so. Taking tents down is a much quicker process!

Q – Can you do same day installation and take down?

Yes, though this will obviously depend on when we are allowed to start and finish work.

Q – Can I book for a public event, a school ball or a sports club dinner?

Absolutely, we have a £10m Public Liability Insurance Policy and can provide fire certificates and risk assessment forms as required.

Q – Can I have my own branding on the tents?

Yes, and on a variety of tent colours and sizes. The whole process, from concept to delivery, takes about 6 weeks and we can even store the tent for you from year to year, just ask.