Any weather, anywhere, anyhow…..

Our Stretch Tents are completely waterproof. Our South African supplier is the only manufacturer to both weld and stretch the seams. Even a monsoon downpour could not get in.

With the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions, we can easily add last minute Stretch Screens to handle unexpected weather changes.

The Stretch Tents are quick to assemble. We can be in and out of your venue within a few hours leaving you minimum disruption and maximum time to add the finishing touches. We will happily erect on the Thursday for a weekend event just to give you that extra time.

The space needed for our Stretch Tents is extremely flexible. Don’t think you need a large flat garden, we can attach to the side of a house or to trees.

Our tents and, of course, our trained riggers make light work of uneven ground, split levels, flower beds ,patios, water features, bushes, trees in awkward places. We can work around these `obstacles’ or bring `the outside in’ to the tent opening up a realm of possibilities of space to entertain that you’d probably never thought of.

Just contact us and we’ll pop over and tell you how.

And, of course, our Stretch Tents meet all British and European safety standards.

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